Apply for Scholarships: Available to ALL Sherwood High School Seniors

2020 PTSA scholarship applications now available!!!


  • Download the Scholarship Application Form

  • Download the Scholarship Application Instructions

  • Awards range from $300 to $20,000 for graduating seniors to continue full- or part-time education at any accredited university, college, vocational school, or organized instructional program that meets requirements for federal student aid.

  • Think you won’t qualify? Sherwood PTSA targets resources to help students from all income levels.

  • Easy to apply. It takes about half an hour to complete the questionnaire. Send it along with a brief personal statement, two recommendations, a college essay of your choice (or other representative sample showcasing your work and accomplishments).

  • Get some of the money that gets left on the table! Encourage students to apply. 45% of Maryland students missed out on the chance to get an average $3,712 federal grant by not taking the first easy step to qualify – filling out the FAFSA — the key to a gateway of financial aid opportunities.

  • Start now! Most families complete the FAFSA in less than a half hour – about the time it takes to watch a TV show. Students who file in January and February receive more than twice as much funding on average as students who file later.

Offer a Community or Memorial Scholarship through PTSA
Many local businesses, organizations and families sponsor scholarships through PTSA – each with different criteria and stipulations for payment. Find out how to honor your organization or loved one with a tax-deductible investment in scholarships awarded through Sherwood PTSA. Contact or for more information.

Contribute to the PTSA Scholarship Fund
PTSA receives generous contributions to its scholarship fund from members and community donors, as well as proceeds from the Rock and Roll Revival mid-week matinee. Gratefully accepting donations to support lifelong learning for Sherwood graduates with online contributions at

Additional Information about Scholarships

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