Sherwood High School has many dedicated parents who provide support to our school by volunteering for the many activities and programs at our school and community.  We are happy you’ve decided to join us!

We appreciate and welcome your help at SHS.  There are many different ways to volunteer. You can even create some new ones! Here are some ideas to get you started.

PTSA Volunteer Form

After Prom

The PTSA needs your help!  The Sherwood PTSA has sponsored After Prom for over 24 years.  After Prom is a safe environment that offers fun, food, and friends in a supervised event.  It is one big party with something for everyone.  It’s a place for all the kids to be together and continue their celebration with all their friends.  After Prom will be held the evening of Friday, TBD until the early morning of Saturday, TBD.

We need tons of volunteers!  After Prom cannot happen without volunteers.  

Parent volunteers from all grades are needed!
Get a group of friends and volunteer together!  Please use the link below to sign up.
Thank you in advance for your support!
After Prom Committee

ESOL Aid  Help in ESOL classrooms once a week or as often as possible

Foreign Language Exchange program  France, Spain, Germany

Nominating Committee Creating a nominating slate for next year,s PTSA officers.

Office Volunteers Manning office and answering phone calls on as needed basis

Project Change  Work with organization to provide positive opportunities for teens. www.projectchange-md.org

Scholarship Committee  Reviews applications and then forwards to scholarship sponsors who then make the final decision regarding scholarships for senior students. Maximum 5 members on this committee.  Senior parents are not eligible due to conflict of interest. This committee does not award scholarships.

School Beautification Committee  Help to enhance the landscaping of our school grounds

Spring Art Show  Opportunity for students to showcase their artistic talents.  Volunteers needed to: Set-up, Clean-up, and Staff event

Tutoring: Math, English, Science, Spanish, French, German, Italian

Or maybe you have a talent or interest in another area that you would like to share with your school.  We’d love to hear about it!  Print out the attached form and send it in today!

Please don’t be shy about signing up to help out.  Just complete a volunteer form and sign up today! We are waiting to hear from you.

Volunteer Opportunities at SHS

Please Make it Count!

Sherwood High School’s PTSA respectfully asks volunteers to keep a log of the hours worked for the various committees, social events, sports events, school events, etc. Volunteer hours not only include time volunteered in the school, but hours spent at home doing work for the school or PTSA. This would include everything from baking food for school events, making phone calls, doing projects for a teacher or staff member, time purchasing materials for school or sports events, etc., etc. Keeping a record of your hours allows us to report to MCPS the level of parent involvement at SHS.

Please download this form and record your volunteer hours. At the end of each semester the volunteer coordinator will ask for a collection of hours and forms, all you need to do is complete it and send it email to the chairman.

We are trying to make it a simple as possible to record your service. One form will be used for each person, rather one for every committee you may serve on. Just fill in the dates you’ve worked, the committee and/or work you did, and the hours spent doing it. (The first line is an example of how to record your hours.)

Please email the completed forms when requested – to our volunteer coordinator or mail them to the school.