Join our PTSA Email List

The Sherwood High School PTSA sponsors an email groups to help you stay informed about events and issues in the Sherwood community. You can decide if you want the information that is posted to be delivered to your email account or you can come to the group's website to read it at your convenience.

The group is a discussion group called SHS-PTSA. This is a moderated discussion group that allows all members to post and read messages. It is a great way to contribute ideas and opinions. All submissions are reviewed by a moderator and must be signed.

To join a email group, all you need is a valid email address. If you register for a free account or you can login using your Facebook or Google account, you will be able to access the group web site to browse messages or have the messages sent directly to your email address. You can even choose the frequency of which you wish to receive the messages.



Subscription Instructions

To subscribe by email:

  • Send a blank email to: 
    Follow the instructions on the confirmation email that is sent back to you.

  • The email will direct you to a web page, on that page click the option for “join the mailing list.” 

To subscribe online:


To remove yourself from the list, please send an email to:

Posting Messages

You can send a message to the SherwoodPTSA group by sending an email to:

Sherwood High School PTSA Email Group Guidelines

The SHS-PTSA group is an email network sponsored by the Sherwood High School PTSA. The purpose is to provide up-to-date information about PTSA business, school information and educational issues. At the moderator’s discretion, community-related announcements may also be posted.

In order to facilitate positive communication on the SherwoodPTSA email groups, we ask members to familiarize themselves with the following guidelines.

  • Post Only Appropriate Content. 
    Content should be of general interest; relevant and constructive to the Sherwood Community. The listserv is not a forum for discussing specific parents, students or staff members. It should also not be used for religious or political advocacy. Personal attacks and foul language are not appropriate and is not permitted on the email group.

  • Please Trim Your Replies. 
    It is helpful if you can remove the previous email message you are responding to when posting your reply. If you leave the original message you are replying to intact, and then add your comments, the footer of the message appears twice. Trimming your posting cuts down on the length of your reply and is especially Important for those reading the list in digest form.

  • Sign Your Posting. 
    All postings should be signed to ensure all members know who wrote each message as email addresses are not always indicative of the author. A moderator may bounce back a message to the sender and remind them to sign their name before the message will be posted on the listserv.

  • Be Respectful. 
    Please refrain from personal or direct retorts on individuals. Please disagree in a friendly and respectful manner. Since email is an impersonal type of communication, it is helpful to re-read your own message before you send it to make sure it is conveying your intended meaning.

  • Political Content and Promotion of Commercial Interests Is Prohibited. 
    PTA’s are a 501(c)(3) organization, and its status requires that it refrain from conversation and electioneering with regards to specific candidates. In addition, soliciting of businesses is not allowed as it does not further the purpose and intent of our PTSA Community.

Violation to the Guidelines Could Result in Suspension or Removal From the email group.